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Wearable technology presents the potential for massive transformation in many industries.The more obvious ones include consumer electronics and communications. Early adopter industries include clothing,healthcare,sports and fitness.

Fitness Tracker

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Item: Fitness Tracker  (Drop-shipping: fulfill orders to customers on your behalf is supported on this item)

 Android requirement:Android 4.4 above(Do Fit From google play)
 iOS requirement: iOS 9.0 above(Do Fit From google play)
 Pedometer: Steps taken Distance traveled and Calories burned
 Sleep Monitor: Provide the hours slept and quality of sleep stat
 Blood Pressure: Blood Pressure detecting
 Dynamic Heart Rate :Heart rate monitor during the process of sport
 SpO2: SpO2 detecting
 Goal tracking: vibrate and flash to celebrate
 Alarms: 3 alarms
 Reminders: Incoming call name
 Notification Support: Wechat QQ Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Skype Instagram and so on
 Camera Control: original iOS Camera app supported, build in camera for Android app.
 OTA Upgrad: upgrade firmware via app
 Firmware: English,Chinese,Korean,Spanish,Japanese,French, German,Russian,Arabic support
 App:  English,Chinese Simple,Chinese traditional,English, German,Spanish,Japanese,French, Italian,Russian,Arabic,Portuguese

Getting to Know Your Fitness Tracker:
This section tells you how best to wear ,charge , and care for you tracker
1.Using in wet conditions
Your fitness tracker is water-resistant,which means it is rain-proof and splash-proof and can stand up to even the sweatiest work out .
NOTE:DO not diving with your Fitness Tracker. We also do not recommend showering in hot water ;
Wearing it 24/7does not give you skin a chance to breathe. Whenever you get your tracker wet,dry it thoroughly before putting it back on.

2. Using the Touch Button
Single tap the Touching Area under the main screen to wake up the tracker and switch to other functional pages
Long press the Touching Area to enter for more functions which is needed

3. Using Quick View

4. With Quick View you can check the time or the message from your phone on you fitness tracker without taping.just turn your wrist towards you and the time screen will appear for a few seconds .

Fitness Tracker Features:

1. Time and date
The current time of day and date based on your location.The tracker updates the time and date when you synchronize your device to a mobile device,you can not set the time manually
NOTE:You could switch 3different tracker faces in app.

2. Steps
Fitness tracker automatically tracker Steps taken and displays on the screen.

3. Calories  Distance
Displays your all-day Calories burned and Distance traveled.
NOTE:Your movement stats reset to zero at midnight.

4. Blood Pressure Test
Long-press on the blood pressure page to start measuring blood pressure ,please pay attention to keep the correct posture while measuring the blood pressure, then the tracker will show your current blood pressure .
NOTE:This Function is not main function. Its only for experimental use.

5. SP02 Test
Get knowing your SP02 anywhere anytime.
NOTE:This Function is not the main function. Its only for experimental use.

6. Heart Rate Monitor
Long-press the dynamic heart rate page, after the countdown you can start the movement,the tracker will keep monitoring your heart rate date. In the monitoring process,the tracker will show your exercise time current heart rate date After finishing the movement,long press the tracker again,you can end the dynamic heart rate monitoring.
Dynamic heart rate monitoring can be viewed in the APP,the APP will show the changing trend curve of heart rate ,related date analysis results and other information.

7. Remote Shutter
Control your mobile device camera from a distance by a long press on the camera icon

8. Call Notifications.
Receive incoming phone call notifications.

9. Message Reminder
Display sms,twitter,what’s app,message etc.from your mobile device.

10. Control Music
Control your mobile device Music play from a distance by a long press on the Music icon.

11. Silent Alarms
Your Fitness Tracker can gently vibrate to wake or alert you with its silent alarms can be configured to recur every day or on particular days of the week. You can create up to 3 silent alarms.

12. Goal Tracking
When you reach your goal that you define on your app,your fitness tracker will vibrate and flash to celebrate.
NOTE:Activity date begins recording data for each day at midnight ,when its data resets.sleep data begins  recording data for each day at 8:00PM ,when its data resets.

Please sync Fitness tracker regularly to ensure the detailed data has been sync onto the app.

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