Magic Boost Wireless Smart Loudspeaker Amplifier Built with QI Wireless Charger for mobile phone

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  • Magic-Boost-Wireless-Smart-Loud-Speaker-Amplifier-Built-With-QI-Wireless-Charger-for-Phone
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Item: Wireless Smart Loudspeaker Amplifier Built with QI Wireless Charger

Brand: Egoods Tech
Model: ET-QI200

Size: 158*100*66mm
Net Weight: 370g
Loudspeaker: Dual Speaker 40MM(Dia)
Power: R=3W L=3W
Frequency Response: 280HZ-16KHZ
S/N Ratio: ≥95dB
Distortion:  ≤0.5%
Power Adaptor: 5V/2A
Output Voltage: 5V/1A
Product Standard: QI standard
Qi Energy Conversion: 70%>
Safety protection: OVP, ODP, OCP, SCP
Color: Black, White, Blue, Pink
Accessories: 1*USB cable (charging for battery), 1*power adapter

Magic Boost Wireless Smart Loudspeaker Amplifier Built with QI Wireless Charger for mobile phone

Interaction amplifying speakers:
1. It uses patent interaction technology to magically amplify the audio from the speakers in your smart phone or digital music player.
2. There is no need to configure any wireless settings or plug in cables, just set your device on the speaker box and enjoy room filling sound.
3. Automatic Power On/Off
4. Rechargeable lithium battery -- The micro USB socket is for external power of DC to charge the battery
4. Compatible to most smart phones and other players with external speakers in the correct orientation with the sound of music being played to activate the interaction amplification.
5. Volume control
6. Powered by lithium battery, AA(alkaline battery)*3 or external DC
7. Power output -- 2W*2RMS
8. High efficiently -- 15 hours for playing with AA(alkaline battery)*3
9. Power low indication -- The blue LED flashes 3 times every 4 seconds to indicate the power low status. Please note that when the power are relatively low, the sound may be distorted when playing in high volume.
10. Support 3.5mm audio input and play music from your mp3, computer and other devices.
11. Support micro SD card to play music

QI wireless charger:
a) Compatible to any QI enabled devices
b) Charging Voltage -- 5V, DC/2A
c) Power Distance -- 4~7MM
d) IC control -- Intelligent charging
e) Over current protection
f) Short circuit protection
g) Overload protection
h) Over temperature protection

Hot to use:

When the speaker box power on, simply place your digital media device.
When in Power on MODES placing a mobile device with the external sound or music being played in the correct direction activities the boost. Different audio devices require different positioning. Experiments with the placement of the device until the device and boost sensor are in alignment.

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